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Useful Club Tips


The Exe and Barle are spate driven rivers, so it is vitally important to other club members to inform the fishing club manager should you have an incounter with a salmon. Enableing many of them to plan their week ahead.Seatrout
Fly fishing is the favored method of fishing for club members. Should you wish to spin, or if conditions dictate, could you please use a single 'pinched' or barbless hook on your lure.

Brown Trout

We have a stocking policy for brown trout of about 80-100, 8 to 10 incher's put in each beat every year. If the salmon are not running, you could always have a days entertainment trout fishing.

Winter grayling fishing, (16th 0ctober to 13th February)

Members and their guest may go fishing on any day of the week including weekends on either beat. All they have to do is email the fishing manager letting him know where and when they will be going. He will not necessarily respond unless he see's a clash coming, in which case he would inform both parties, to be more specific. Raintrout

Rainbow trout are not indigenous to the river and if caught should not be returned. Could members also make themselves aware of the RETA Voluntary Code for the catch and release of salmon. The club perfers that all members follow this code.


Rules of the Club

Will include inter alia:-

1. Any damage to property must be reported immediately to the fishing manager.

2. Accurate fishing records to be kept and all salmon catches must be reported daily to the Fishing Manager.

3. No more than two rods to fish at any time on each beat.

4. Huts must be secured on departure and left in a clean and tidy fashion.

5. Proper fishing etiquette is to be observed at all times.

6. No cars to be driven in any fields without the expressed permission of the landowner or fishing manager.

7. Anglers are responsible for purchasing the relevant licence and complying with all the Environment Agency regulations.

8. Prior notification must be given to the fishing club manager if the guest is fishing unaccompanied by the tenant.

9. When you wish to swap, change or let another member from either club use your day, the fishing manager must be informed.

Tenants and their guests use the fishery and its facilitIes at their own risk and with due caution.

Photo Gallery
Any good pictures emailed to me will be posted on the Gallery Page. Funniest picture of the year wins a bottle of Champagne and our undying admiration.

Application Form Download
This form must be filled in on joining the club and every season there after and forwarded to the Club Secretary along with your annual subscription cheque.


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