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The Silver Doctor's Victim


Painted by Larmona Birch in the bar during his stay at the Carnarvon Arms Hotel in May 1948.

A bit more romance....
The Poet Laureate Alfred, Lord Tennyson, stayed at the Carnarvon Arms in June 1891. Tennyson later referred to the Exe Valley as "a land of bubbling streams". Until the 1950s a tree stump below Perry Weir, was known as Tennyson's Oak. Local legend has it that it was while sitting under this oak that the poet began his famous poem "The Brook".

The celebrated foriegn correspondent and writer Negley Farson (Author of 'Going Fishing') had but one destination in mind as he returned to England in the 1930s. "I still hung over the rail and looked toward England. My dreams cent`ed on one desire. It would be May when I reached England. There is a spot where two cool little rivers meet down in Somerset. There was an hotel to which I had gone for years.... And in there I would find rest again. There are times when I don't want trouble, I don't want thrills; I have come here for just a lazy contentment.

In his enchanting book, 'The Philandeering Angler' - written in the austere years of the Second World War, Arthur Applin wrote, "Of all the love I have been permitted to know, the love of a river flowing through moorland and forest is, with perhaps the exception of music, the most satisfying and enduring". "You could not wander along the banks of either the Exe or the Barle without finding happiness waiting for your.

NB - each of the above extracts taken from "A Lazy Contentment, A History of the Carnarvon Arms Hotel" by Sophia Waugh and Julian Watson.  


Carnarvon Arms Hotel 1966 Beat Map
It makes for some interesting reading and shows the extent of the hotel water.

Carnarvon Arms Hotel Postcards
Shows Junction Pool, Blackpool, the river Barle and the hotel garden in the 50's. The picture of Dulverton Station was taken in 1878.


The Beat

An opportunity to rent salmon and trout fishing on a beat on the Rivers Exe, fished for many years by the patrons of the Carnarvon Arms Hotel.

A famous beat of fishing, with well established records and renowned named pools. 14th February (Salmon) / 1st March (Trout) to 30th of September.

The Beat - From Exe Bridge to River Brockey junction, including Old Womans Pool and Otter Ledges.

Approx 1,000 metres single bank on the Exe
Approx 300 metres single bank on the River Brockey

Salmon 5 year average 1996 - 2000 17 fish.

Carnarvon in The 40's

Access & Parking
There are 2 designated parking spaces in the SWW pumping station enclosure at the top of the Beat. (see map)

There is a fishing hut, by kind permission of the respective landowners. Keys available on request.

Rod Availability
Fishing is available on a nominated day per week basis for the 2022 season. The purchase of a day entitles the tenant to bring one fishing guest. Prior notification must be given to the fishing club manager if the guest is fishing unaccompanied by the tenant.

£700 per rod for weekdays for the 2022 season. £850 per rod for Saturday or Sunday for the 2022 season. Includes annual membership to RETA and management fee.

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